Watch Moment Blue Ivy Told Beyoncé And Jay-Z To Calm Down At 2018 Grammys

Blue Ivy has proved that even the world’s most famous offspring can be embarrassed by their parents as the six-year-old rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in music as she joined Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the 60th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

But she wasn’t a fan of her parents’ behaviour, and called them out for making too much noise.

The A-list tot was seen motioning at Jay-Z and Beyoncé to stop clapping as they applauded Camila Cabello during her speech on immigration.

The superstar couple – who recently welcomed twins Sir and Rumi – looked bemused as their daughter bowed her head and made gestures with her hands.

Here is the video:

How Uche Ogbodo Was Assaulted By A Millitary Man In Lagos

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo took to IG today to share photos of injured parts of her body and narrated how she was assaulted by an aggressive man who bashed her car at the Toll gate.

This, she claims, was done as people looked on and took photos rather than help.

She wrote:

I Am still in Tears ??? and Don’t know how to Start Telling The Story of how I was assaulted yesterday Evening at about 5:30pm .. After I left the Disabled home where I went to Share Love and Hope, I drove straight from Ikotun which is almost 3 or 4 hours to the island where I Stay, on getting to the Lekki Toll gate (by oriental hotel) tired and exhausted, the next thing I noticed A Car has impacted with my Car., out of shock I didn’t know what to do, I sat down for almost 30 seconds thinking of how this driver could drive like that. Before I could come out of my car the driver was already out, shouting saying I bashed his car , I was confused and surprised as well that a man that ran into Me could be shouting at me, trying to intimidate me and making me feel everything was my fault. I went round to the accident side to check the damage the impact made on my car, I saw my light was off and was on the floor and my bumper was pulled off., I looked at his, There was no evident damage to his car. I went mad with Rage, i said to him “Oga we have to wait here till the Police patrol comes to ascertain who was at fault” but the man said “ Get out of my way you Harlot”, he made to enter his car to flee the scene and I grabbed him, you bashed my car and you are calling me names and at the same time wanting to flee the scene.

I held firmly to his shirt since that was the only thing I could do as a woman at that time, but the man entered his Car, started the ignition and driving with me holding on to his shirt, his back tire even Climbed my Feet, thank God I was wearing a Boot that protected me from Getting hurt. And as he was driving away he was winding up his glass squeezing my hands to the door panel, I managed to pull of my hands. And I went thru the back Window to stop him and he started winding up again, squeezing my hands I was forced to pull off my hands from the Window before he cuts it , in the process the back glass broke and I feel to the floor. Before I could get up, the guy stopped his car ,ran to my own car and Took My bag, My phones I ran after him to collect my bag, this man held my hands and stabbed me Multiple Times with his Keys

Eventually the police Came and the Man Changed the story and Said he was a military man too that I tried to assault him. Lied blatantly and tried to frame me! This case is now at the police station right now, and from the way the police people are sounding I’m not sure I’m gonna get justice for Assault meted on me. After laying my Complaints They held my Car and said I can’t drive home with my Car and some of them telling me I was lucky that the man is not violent enough, if not I would have been killed and nothing will happen. So I want to Ask Well meaning Nigerians . 1, Why I’m hated So Much for being A Celebrity, are celebrities not humans too? Why nobody’s came forth to settle the hassle when it started out of 500 people that were at the toll gate at the point! They were busy screaming “ it’s that Actress, it’s that Actress, “ they watched me being assaulted and only took pics and filmed me for Fun! Am I in the worst profession? My heart is broken , For Myself and My Young Baby who is equally In this Country Nigeria where there is no Hope and no Law to protect Women. Why am I even Here! This Country is full of Hate and Jealousy! Not A Favorable Place For Women , when it’s A Men Dominated Society where, when a Woman is Assaulted and killed , it’s becomes a Norm! We must Speak Up For Justice! WE NEED A CHANGE!

Here is the photo:

Watch Denrele Finally Bare It All On His Sexuality In One-Of-A-Kind Interview

A new show titled ‘House Rules’ has launched on YouTube, and it opens with the eccentric Denrele Edun who is getting fans excited with some of the answers and shocking revelations he gave on the show.

House Rules, a unique kind of reality interview show which features four hosts had Denrele as its first guest, and he brought his A-game right from the very beginning; adding the right dose of humour and liveliness to the show.

The eccentric act whose sexuality has been something of a mystery to many was put on the spot, and he responded by saying he is a ‘sexual outlaw’ – Whatever that means, you will have to find out when you watch the show.

Denrele also did not hold back in giving details about those he has dated in the past; some of them, you may find quite shocking.

Here is the video:

Chimamanda Adichie Is Not Happy With Delta Airlines And Here’s Why

Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has called Delta Airlines out on their policies and the way they treat their Nigerian customers, as opposed to how they treat foreign customers.

The famous author was particularly displeased about Delta Airlines’ policy which requires that Nigerian flights passengers physically present themselves and their credit card after purchasing flight tickets online or over the phone.

This, she said, is not required for Delta flights to other countries. She wrote;


Seven years ago, I sent this letter to Delta Airlines.


Delta Airlines Nigeria Policy: A Complaint

On April 20, 2010 I bought two Lagos-Baltimore return tickets on for my parents. I paid for the tickets with my credit card. They were scheduled to leave Lagos on June 3 2010 and return on November 1 2010. They arrived the United States as scheduled, with no incident. A few weeks later, our family plans changed. I contacted Delta and changed their return date to December 30 2010. A change fee was paid. Confirmation e-mails were sent. Everything else remained the same.

On December 30, I was ill in bed.

A family member took my parents to the airport. Delta representatives refused to check my parents in. They insisted that the credit card used to pay for the ticket must be physically produced, and the owner of the credit card physically appear, otherwise my parents would not be allowed to travel.

I called and asked to speak to a manager and was rudely told that nothing could be done.

I was shocked and unbelieving. My father, a 78-year-old diabetic who had an important family event to attend in Nigeria, was worried about missing his flight. I, unwell, was forced to dash to the airport as quickly as I could. I then ‘physically presented’ myself and my credit card.

My parents ended up missing their flight and were re-booked on the next flight.

While I understand that Delta is keen to prevent fraud, and I indeed sympathize about any fraudulent purchases that Nigerians might have made, Delta MUST also treat each case individually and not lump all Nigerian travelers into one group of potential fraudsters.

If the Delta representative had been willing to look at the specifics of this incident, it would have been quite clear that this was not in any way a fraudulent ticket purchase. My parents had already travelled on the first leg of the ticket months before and my credit card had already been fully charged.

I was fortunately at home, even if sick, but I might as well have been away. What then would have happened if I were unable to ‘physically appear?’ Does Delta expect everyone who buys tickets for family or friends always to be physically present at a Delta counter?

I write to register my profound disappointment and to strongly urge Delta to review its ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy towards Nigerian travelers. There must be ways to prevent fraud while also recognizing the individual humanity of each customer.


Chimamanda Adichie


I sent this in 2010.

I received a generic, platitude-filled response, along with an inane one-hundred-dollar domestic Delta voucher that I never used.

It has been seven years and nothing has changed.

You still have to present yourself physically to show your card. No, you can’t have a family member bring the card. No, you can’t have a family member bring the card and a matching ID. (What are the odds that you would present a stolen credit card and a stolen valid ID?)

You complain and complain until you get tired because nobody cares. You tell yourself to just stop flying Delta but Delta has a monopoly on direct flights from the US to Nigeria, and the convenience, especially for elderly parents, matters.

You ask if this is something that Delta does only for Nigerian flights and you’re told that it’s done for all flight tickets bought online or over the phone.

But you know that is not true. You have purchased Delta tickets to Europe. You have never been asked to show your credit card. Not even when you purchased Delta tickets to Europe for a family member.

And as though it’s not bad enough that you have to physically present yourself at the airport, Delta gives you no confirmation that the card has been ‘presented.’ A Delta representative merely taps at a computer and says it’s done.

Which means that your cousin who flew from Lagos to the US, on a ticket you paid for, had difficulty boarding her flight, even though you had shown your card at the Delta counter at BWI, but you had no ‘proof’ of this.

Once in 2015 you were travelling from BWI to Lagos on a ticket purchased by a travel agent and Delta representatives asked for the credit card used to purchase the ticket, and you explained that it had been purchased by your Publisher’s travel agency and that you had already travelled on the first leg from Lagos to BWI.

But you were not allowed to board.

A Delta representative said, “your only option is to buy a new ticket here and the other one can be refunded later,” speaking airily as though buying a flight ticket was like buying candy.

You were frustrated and furious but you had to be in Lagos the next day. You were left no choice but to buy a new ticket at the airport. The Delta representatives remained indifferent as you tried to tell them how this made no sense, how you had already travelled on the first leg of the same ticket, how a ticket purchased by an established travel agency could not possibly be fraudulent.

‘Indifferent’ is inaccurate. The Delta representatives at BWI are decidedly unpleasant.

(except for one person, and it is telling that this one person stands out, so rare is her courtesy)

The others all glow with hostility.

You wonder if this hostility is simply the rage of workers who are not paid a fair wage, or if it is the armor they wear to implement policies that they know very well are ridiculous.

On another occasion in 2015 when you are forced to present yourself so that your parents could board a flight, you complain and ask for the manager. The manager looks through you as you try to speak. She manages to be both stone-faced and reproachful. You feel accused. You feel like a thief.

Nobody deserves this but even in an aviation industry that rewards frequent fliers with privileges, yours don’t count – your platinum frequent flier card means nothing because you are a Nigerian and Nigerians are all a blur of fraudulence. God save you if the only time you can go to the airport to ‘physically present yourself and your card’ happens to be a busy check-in time. You will stand in the special services line forever, ignored, waiting to convince Delta to take your money. If you do show the card but then need to change your travel to a different date, you must again physically show yourself and your card.

Delta’s policy is crude and contemptuous. Crude because Delta won’t bother to figure out a more sophisticated way to address fraudulent ticket purchases. Contemptuous because Delta is indifferent to the unfair burden that this places on Nigerians. Some hardworking Nigerians have two jobs, families, responsibilities. They buy tickets for themselves and their families, they pay with their hard-earned money, and Delta asks them to ‘present yourself’ at a Delta Airlines counter which may be twenty or fifty or one hundred miles from where they live.

Delta’s message is this: If you want your family to board their flight then present yourself, and prove to us that you are not a thief because we start with the premise that you are a thief.

And it might be a good idea, Delta, to better train your flight attendants on your Nigeria flights (or perhaps pay them a fair wage?) Like the patronizing woman in the business class cabin of the Lagos-Atlanta flight on October 31 2017 telling me that my two-year-old daughter – who had a full seat and presumably the normal rights of any passenger – was ‘annoying.’ She was ‘annoying’ because she was babbling like a two-year-old and had pressed the ‘call attendant’ button two times. I was stunned. Because I know how easily Nigerian passengers are labeled ‘aggressive’ and ‘difficult,’ I chose not to speak to this woman. I feared I might raise my voice.

Instead I wrote her a note on the menu card, telling her how unacceptable her manner and language had been and how people deserved to be treated with dignity. She read it and came to my seat and pushed the card back at me and said, “I will not accept this from you!”

Dear Delta Airlines, enough. You must do better.”

Davido And Olamide’s Producers Are At War And Here’s Why

There is fresh war brewing in the camps of Davido and Olamide but this time the tension his between, their producers, Kiddominant and Young Jonn.

It all started after Young Jonn picked the award for Producer of the Year at the Soundcity MVP award, something Kiddominat believes should be his after producing a number of hit tracks for Davido.

He called out the award organizers for giving it to another who didn’t deserve it as much as he. This made Young Jonn to come out and declare himself number1 asking all parties concerned about this to kill themselves. Kiddominant replied by calling him a pig.

Here’s their exchange below:

Denrele Edun Flaunts His Swag On The Cover Of Taylor Live Magazine’s Latest Issue

Media personality and actor Denrele Edun is the cover star for Taylor Live Magazine’s debut issue.

In a quick chat with the magazine, Denrele opens up about his childhood, his unique sense of style, his career and a whole lot more as they take a walk in his shoes.

Here are the photos:

Kemen Is Remarkable As He Prepares To Start Fitness And Wellness TV Show

Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemate, Ekemini Ekerete, a.k.a Kemen, says plans have been concluded for the commencement of his wellness and fitness television show on healthy living.

Kemen made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja.

He said, “It is going to be a 30 minutes workout session with me every morning from Mondays to Fridays.

“It is basically going to give the viewers that cannot go to the gym an opportunity to workout in front of their TV set.

“It will involve different kinds of workout; from aerobics to yoga, strength training, dance fitness to high intensity interval training, table and all kinds for different days,’’he said.

The ship manager turned fitness entrepreneur said his intention is to raise awareness for fitness and health to a point where the whole nation will accept it as a lifestyle.

According to him, Fitness is supposed to be a lifestyle, bearing in mind that it is only a healthy body that can have a healthy mind.

“This is because we are in a society where people go through a lot of stress; one can only survive when you make fitness a part of your life.

“This is because it keeps away depression, adverse effects of stress and also helps the individual to become a better and happier person.

“When you work out regularly, you will be happy with yourself, looks and the way you feel; I am looking at using fitness to control or better still eradicate negativity in the society, “Kemen said.

On how soon the programme will come on air, the fitness guru said he would not want to let the cat out of the bag.

“It may start next week, next two weeks or next month, but I don’t want to give you a time line right now, but it will start very soon.’’

The Chief Executive Officer of 6 Packs Nigeria reiterated that the programme is going to be on a television channel with a wider coverage.

“We are in the social media era where my YouTube channel will be there at least to give you a glimpse of what you missed on TV.

“I am also working on a few shorter workout skits on some new media channels to help with explanatory workout.

“I am going to be regular on your TV screen and social media channels this year,’’ Kemen said.